Bundled Trip Search

This travel client was faced with a thorny, seemingly unresolvable issue - the trip data coming out of their reservation system created bloated search results; a single trip might have more than two dozen results, given upgrades, extensions and seasonal itinerary differences.

My prototype demonstrated that they could mitigate the issue with a UX solution that created the concept of 'bundled' trips. We are currently refining the solution for a Q2 launch.

Date Picker Redesign

This second example of Axure prototyping demonstrates my mobile-first approach to complex functionality.

For the same travel client, the date picker is similarly afflicted by too much data to present. Without the option to cull this the mobile prototype instead presents a nested view of  trips, revealing more if relevant to the user.

Website Redesign

In summary the redesign included:

  • A fully responsive framework update whilst retaining existing integrations and functionality
  • A top-to-toe UX review driven by business imperatives
  • Improved ‘desire’ – creating a premium and more immersive design with greater use of existing imagery and video  
  • Improved online booking and enquiry tools – by making it a simpler, less onerous process, easier on more devices

Red Bull racing

Internships Aptitude Test

Every project I worked on with Red Bull was a delight but, as the project owner, this is my favourite.

The client sought an online aptitude test to select entrants for summer internships with their Formula 1 Racing team. As such it needed to reflect the brand's values and represent the (then F1 world champion) team.

The result mixes genuine aptitude tests with reaction games into an arcade-paced challenge. 

Password: getaccess